Real-time protection of courts and government buildings.


proposes itself as a solution for:

Access control and perimeter security

Through the face recognition system, it is possible to:

  • Provide easy access to sensitive areas for authorized personnel and visitors.
  • Safeguard large, multi-level, and multi-tenant buildings by configuring appropriate security levels, especially in sensitive areas, and setting up user profiles for access authorization. By leveraging the capabilities of Vision AI, tailgating and piggybacking can be prevented, allowing access only to designated personnel. Similarly, by utilizing the public camera system, security can be enhanced in open workspaces.
  • Protect the privacy of individuals present by analyzing video footage and creating a real-time three-dimensional view without acquiring any personal identification information.

Person of interest monitoring

  • Automated alert system that identifies persons of interest and tracks their contact history in real-time while protecting the identity of individuals present. The neural networks are trained to handle challenging conditions and low-quality images, and they have been successfully tested by high-level academic standards and users. This ensures maximum precision even when the person of interest is uncooperative, not directly facing a camera, or captured in non-ideal conditions such as crowded environments.
  • Video Forensic Analysis – Manages and investigates open security cases by searching for persons of interest in offline video footage. The system performs analysis operations in extremely short periods of time without the need for operator support. It investigates and understands past situations, providing an in-depth view of the subject’s movements within the premises and/or public areas, and detecting relationships with other individuals.

Vehicle and truck scanning

  • High-performance and reliable system, it can scan up to 400 vehicles per hour in search of contraband or threats like weapons, improvised explosive devices, cash, hidden people, dirty bombs.
  • Counterfeit Control – System for checking against counterfeiting or alteration of high security documents (e.g., banknotes, checks, identity cards, passports, visas, etc.).

License plate scanning

  • Optical character recognition system and Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology. A proven system for various market segments: parking, traffic and tolls, security, access control, logistics, and Smart Cities.

Counterfeit control

  • System for detecting and preventing counterfeiting or alteration of high-security documents (e.g., banknotes, checks, identity cards, passports, visas, etc.).

Police video investigation process

  • Support for intelligence activities carried out by Judicial Authorities and Law Enforcement agencies to prevent and combat crime.
  • Solutions for satellite tracking, personal protection systems, and intelligence systems, up to assets inventory and info mobility solutions.
  • Threat analysis and specific risk assessment.