Security seal production - non-conventional solutions

Security Brands Solutions S.r.l. is a graphic company that deals with the production of security printed products and adhesive labels.

It develops new products based on the experiences acquired in different fields of Physics, of Optics and Chemistry, managing to create unique, inimitable and innovative products.
The Company was born from the idea of its founder for the fight against counterfeiting, manipulation of data and government documents.
Security Brands Solutions security products allow easy recognition of original assets placed on the global market by our Customers from counterfeit ones, combined with a software interface that allows the entire traceability of the production chain, the geolocation of the products, the online certification of the originality of the goods, the management of sales data combined with marketing actions performed in real time and much more.
The underground production in a clean room UNI EN ISO 14644-1 ISO3 guarantees the maximum qualitative efficiency as well as the absence of viruses, bacteria and fungi, suitable for productions criticisms in the food and pharmaceutical sector. Acoustic, electromagnetic, background and raw material radioactivity, harmful organic gases, formaldehyde, are constantly monitored in order to guarantee the highest quality and safety of products.
Security Brands Solutions manufactures adhesive labels in rolls and sheets using materials that range from paper to plastic films, with stickers suitable for any field of use. There are no limits to the number of colors and to creativity, from simple labels to multipage ones, printed with different technologies, flexo, offset, screen printing and hot stamping.
Security Brands Solutions internally produces a wide range of government documents and certificates, such as Passports, Identification Documents, Excise, Certificates, Visas; using different printing techniques, including intaglio offset, chalcography, typography, blind printing, screen printing, flexography, to obtain a highly secure product, inserting elements with variable diffraction, guilloches, numismatic backgrounds, micro and nano writings, reliefs three-dimensional and much more.
We perform micro-engraving (Hard and Soft Embossing) for the production of security holograms, in the form of seal, stripes, encapsulated labels suitable for the most diverse use. Inside our R&D Laboratory we create unique materials and nanostructure that could be recognized in any atmosfheric condition and in distance included the «CGH». We also provide portable and forensic tools included software to authenticate the originality of the products and material with traceability at all stages by the end user.