The growing increase in terrorist activities, smuggling, and illegal transportation drives the demand for high-performance security systems. Special attention must be paid to the area of international goods transportation, which is usually the preferred vector for smuggling weapons, radioactive and explosive materials, narcotics, and other prohibited items that are easy to conceal within large volumes of goods. The increasing daily volume of transported goods makes it impossible to physically inspect every suspicious transport.

It is possible to take proactive action to reduce risks, improve productivity, and enhance the reputation of the facility by focusing on the control of goods and people in transit. Tudor Tech OCV and Tudor Tech Italy are promoters of cutting-edge technologies for scanning large vehicles to make transit areas safer, significantly improving work experience, reducing costs, and enhancing the productivity of airports, ports, customs, and sensitive areas of national interest. The technology utilized relies on accelerated X-ray scanning systems supported by artificial intelligence, capable of recognizing any solid, liquid, and gaseous object.

Boats scanner

Our BSS64, intended for boats up to 6 meters wide, offers a novel approach to detecting smuggling activities. It relies on LINAC (Linear Accelerator) technology, boasting a unique imaging geometry designed to minimize water attenuation in the captured image. The X-ray images produced compete with traditional cargo systems, offering law enforcement swift decision-making capabilities without the need to offload cargo or remove the boat from water. BSS64 is available as a stationary land-based system or as a mobile version that can be installed onboard a vessel.

Aerea dvm

The availability and safety of military aircrafts are critical issues, sometimes impossible to be managed in short time in the theater of operations. ROBOSCAN AERIA DVM solves this problem, offering to its user the unique solution to scan in minutes the fuselage and wings as complete inspection and assessment of damages of an helicopter or airplane after combat missions.

Derived from the award winning ROBOSCAN AERIA Technology Platform, the system allows operators to obtain simultaneously a top view and a side view of the radiographed aircraft, in order to detect the distructive effects of bullets or any other objects penetrating the body of the flying equipment.

The dual view imaging system combined with dual energy material discrimination capability can reveal, down to millimeters size resolution, all kind of damages of critical parts like electric wires, pipes, tubes, commands, electronic boards, hydraulic /pneumatic components, damages generated by bullets or any other foreign objects penetrating the body of the aircraft.

The dual view imaging system allows a fast and accurate diagnosis of the integrity of the aircraft regardless the direction, orientation and position of the bullets and their trajectory.

The system is assembled on a military spec chassis and can be deployed in 15 minutes by a 2 member crew team, being capable to operate even in the theater of operations. The whole scanning process is remotely controlled with minimal impact for routine operations on the airfield premises, with no human exposure to ionizing radiations.

Robot gantry scanning system and robot scanning system

TUDOR SCAN TECH’s award winning technology provides a safe, reliable and optimized solution in terms of throughput of more than 200 scanned long vehicles / hour.

It is the most technologically advanced Linear Accelerator (LINAC) scanner available in the world market with impressive image analysis capabilities that ensure the highest productivity for cargo inspection applications without compromising the safety and security of the operators.

TUDOR Tech’s internationally patented remote operation principle is a unique feature with positive impact on operation costs, making it the only mobile scanner that guarantees zero professional radiation exposure for its operators and total protection against incidents caused by dangerous cargo or terrorist attempts targeting security checkpoints.

Having gathered a consistent amount of international awards including The World Intellectual Property Organization „Invention of the year” award, TUDOR SCAN TECH’s proven concept has received international validation both from the scientific community and from security professionals on all continents.

MOBILITY is a key aspect in today’s border security with ever increasing threats, with fast paced changes in the rules and standards of security and safety.

TUDOR Tech GL64 is a highly versatile mobile imaging system, allowing 3 operating modes:

  • one by one scanning of stationary vehicles (optimized solution in terms of penetration and image);
  • sequential scanning of a number of vehicles placed in a line for a higher throughput;
  • drive through scanning in portal mode (the inspected trucks can be driven by their driver at low speed of 5 to 15 km/hour that generates an optimized solution in terms of throughput of more than 200 long vehicles/hour). In Drive through scanning mode it is scanned only the cargo, for radiation safety reasons the driver cabin being excepted from scanning.

TUDOR Tech ML64 fully eliminates the risk of professional or accidental exposure to ionizing radiation by controlling all scanning processes from a Mobile Command and Control Center (MCCC) or a Fixed Command and Control Center (FCCC) that can be supplied in various configurations. The MCCC, or the FCCC are placed safely outside the Exclusion Area during scanning and is carried by the Mobile Scanning Unit (MSU) in transport mode.

The operation fully automated, interactive and extremely simple, based on the principle of touching intuitive icons and displaying permanently the status of the system, as well as the sequence in progress. The scanning arm is automatically deployed in just a few minutes by simply touching an intuitive icon on the operator interface.

The essential difference between all competitor systems and TUDOR Tech ML64 is that it doesn’t need a driver to control the truck’s movement (direction, sense, brakes, engine’s parameters etc.)

Tudor tech italy droneranger

The MTST Counter-drone solutions are developed with industry-leading partners for perfect operational effectiveness.


  • the combinations of available drone countering components mean a DroneRanger™ you commission will meet your precise performance requirements. The DroneRanger’s open technology is upgradable to match the technology changes in the  drone marketplace;
  • rogue and errant UAVs present a danger to people and property and create a need for surveillance. Our proprietary counter-drone technology preemptively detects, tracks, identifies andneutralizes rogue and errant UAVs beforet hey can cause damage;
  • our military-grade equipment is built on two decades of experience in the technology and signals sectors and has led to two awards for counter-drone technology excellence.

Dronerifle – portable counter-drone solution

  • From the ultra-portable,self-contained DroneRifle™ to the stellar capabilities of the DroneRanger™, our counter-drone systems are built to perform above and beyond for both commercial and military applications.