Intelligence, security, identification, and detection

The Security Philosophy of INSIDE

Through the INSIDE initiative, we seamlessly intertwine conceptual, organizational, and operational activities to enhance:

Spatial Security:

Our objective is to establish and uphold a state of security, considering both internal and external threats. We focus on preventive measures, reconcile discrepancies between security and privacy, facilitate data sharing (via remote, possibly centralized control, employing ethernet, radio, or satellite), and emphasize workforce training.

Inspections and Verifications:

We conduct specialized and, when appropriate, comparative image inspections of personnel and/or materials. This process helps us detect unauthorized intrusion, as well as identify organic, inorganic, or artificial objects.

Operational Process Optimization:

Our goal is to expedite comprehensive unit inspections entrusted to the appropriate authorities at national boundaries, seaports, airports, or within "compounds" and other public or private zones.

Data Acquisition and Analytical Models:

We delve into big data analysis to unearth hidden patterns, correlations, and trend lines. The insight derived from these data patterns empowers organizations to make strategic decisions to combat collective criminal activities.