Reduce the risk of illegal entry and identify threats in the field in real-time.


proposes itself as a solution for:

Real-time watchlist surveillance and alerts

By leveraging already installed security cameras, it is possible to integrate video analysis software that analyzes, alerts, and provides useful information to security teams. Through this face recognition system, it is possible to:

  • carry out access control activities.
  • provide easy access to sensitive areas for authorized personnel and travelers.
  • protect the privacy of bystanders.
  • analyze video footage and create a real-time three-dimensional view of a territorial area without acquiring any personal identification information.

Tactical surveillance

  • Facial recognition system for the recognition of people of interest; it adopts a real-time notification system to alert agents, directly on their mobile device (e.g. phone or bodycam);
  • allows the control room to monitor law enforcement forces deployed in the field, with the aim of protecting their agents.
  • the system works even in poorly lit and crowded environments.
  • the system does not require WI-FI or local servers; it uses Mobile phones and body cams.

Vehicle and truck scanning

  • High-performance and reliable system, it can scan up to 400 vehicles per hour in search of contraband or threats like weapons, improvised explosive devices, cash, hidden people, dirty bombs.
  • Counterfeit Control – System for checking against counterfeiting or alteration of high security documents (e.g., banknotes, checks, identity cards, passports, visas, etc.).

License plate scanning

  • Optical character recognition system and ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) technology. A tested system for any market segment: parking, traffic and tolls, security, access control, logistics and Smart Cities.