Identify threats, reduce risks, and simplify administrative processes.


proposes itself as a solution for:

Video Forensic Analysis

  • Manages and investigates open security cases by searching for persons of interest in hours of offline video footage, in significantly reduced timeframes. The system investigates and understands past situations, providing a detailed visualization of where the subject has traveled within your premises and whom they have met.

Person of interest monitoring

  • Facial recognition system with automated alert system, through which individuals of interest and their contact history are identified in real time, while protecting the identity of those present. Neural networks are trained under the most challenging conditions and on low-quality images and have been battle-tested by demanding users and academic standards. This ensures maximum accuracy even when the person of interest is not directly facing the camera, is in a crowded environment, or is captured under non-ideal conditions.


  • The defense system consists of a jamming system that disrupts the remote-control frequencies of UAVs and the frequency bands of global satellite navigation systems. It is a modular system that can be used for drone detection or defense independently. When integrated as a complete system (combining detection and defense), radio frequency disruption can occur automatically upon drone detection or manually by the operator.

Container scanning

  • The system is designed for the scanning (using accelerated X-ray scanners) of a container in one minute. It detects and analyzes high-definition images, enhancing productivity in cargo inspection operations without compromising the safety and well-being of operators.

Counterfeit control

  • System for controlling counterfeit or tampering of high-security documents (e.g., banknotes, checks, identification cards, passports, visas, etc.).