Monitoring and Theft Prevention Activities

Effectively counteracts theft attempts, limiting product losses thanks to the implementation of a real-time surveillance system. According to the National Retail Security Survey of 2020, the incidence of theft recorded an unprecedented increase, reaching 61.7 billion dollars in 2019, up from 50.6 billion dollars the previous year.

OOSTO positions itself as a strategic partner for retailers, offering advanced solutions to identify shoplifters, detect internal thefts by employees, and minimize inventory discrepancies. Leveraging real-time surveillance and scientific analysis technologies, Oosto allows effective searches within extensive video archives to quickly identify suspects and facilitate investigations.

Moreover, OOSTO provides automatic self-notification to the security team every time the presence of a suspicious individual, previously identified as a potential thief, is detected through the cameras integrated into the system. This feature ensures an immediate and timely response to potential threats, ensuring effective coordination of security measures.

Distinctive benefits:

  • Real-time notification on any device for constant control over ongoing events.
  • Maximize return on investment through operational efficiency.
  • Identify known shoplifters for enhanced security.
  • Fully integrate with an already installed surveillance system, totally camera agnostic.
  • Deploy quickly and reliably for timely and safe commissioning.

Advanced Security for Critical Infrastructure

Protecting critical infrastructure is a broad-ranging challenge, given the significant extent and remote location of many facilities. These high-risk contexts are particularly susceptible to physical security breaches, thefts, and unauthorized access, with potentially serious consequences.

In this threatening context, it is essential that video surveillance, physical security, and access control solutions operate in an integrated manner to provide in-depth and practical intelligence to organizations operating in the critical infrastructure sector.

Advanced access control: Biometric-based access control ensures that only authorized personnel can access protected areas, eliminating the risks associated with traditional methods.

Advanced video surveillance: Video surveillance and checklist-based notifications allow operators to monitor daily activities and maintain physical security protocols.

Legitimate threat detection: Minimize or completely eliminate false alarms by establishing more specific areas of interest and detecting and classifying threats more accurately under all conditions.

INSIDE integrates:

Access control

Access control ensures that only authorized people have access to appropriate areas at the right time. Through the use of biometrics, access control provides a superior level of security, surpassing the limitations of traditional card-based or badge systems. Thanks to biometric identification, based on unique characteristics such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or iris scanning, biometric data becomes a secure and inimitable method for identity authentication. This prevents the possibility of loss, theft, or sharing of access means, ensuring reliable protection of sensitive areas.

We achieve this with:

  • Secure entry control: By using advanced devices and robust authentication protocols, we ensure rigorous and secure control at the entrance of protected areas. Access is granted only after verification of authorized biometric identity.
  • Frictionless recognition: Leveraging the latest biometric recognition technologies, we make the access experience smooth and seamless. Users can authenticate themselves quickly and conveniently, without the need for additional cards or codes. The authenticated recognition process occurs non-cooperatively; the user can go through the access gate without having to stop in front of the camera.
  • Intelligent zone control: We create access control systems that allow areas to be divided into defined security zones. This allows for the management and monitoring of access specifically to certain spaces, further improving the level of protection.
  • Liveness Detection: In biometrics, Liveness Detection is the ability of a system to detect whether the face, fingerprint, or other biometric traits are real or artifacts. We integrate this type of functionality to prevent fraud and counterfeiting. This system is able to recognize the authenticity of biometric characteristics in real time.

Advanced Visitor Management System

The visitor management system allows for the customization of check-ins to simplify and optimize visits. By updating access protocols, we ensure an enhanced access experience, for employees and guests. The visitor management system offers smooth and hassle-free access, whether the same visitors are occasional or frequent, it is possible to customize entry and access permissions for each person. Through simple registration on the Oosto system, it is possible to set authorization privileges based on time, area and/or role. In the case of a visit by an unregistered guest, detected by the connected security cameras, or a registered visitor who is outside the allowed access period, the system sends an immediate notification to the competent authority.

We achieve this with:

  • Entrance control: We implement a secure entrance control system, ensuring that only authorized people can access protected areas.
  • Non-cooperative facial recognition: We offer contactless recognition, allowing visitors to check-in quickly and smoothly.
  • Targeted authorization processes: We create personalized experiences for visitors, adapting entry and access permissions to their specific needs.
  • Liveness Detection: We use Liveness Detection to ensure the authenticity of biometric information and prevent the use of forgeries.
  • Anti-spoofing: We implement anti-spoofing measures to protect identity and preserve the integrity of the system.

System Integration: We optimize the existing security infrastructure, integrating the visitor management system to maximize efficiency, ensuring a secure and protected environment.

Perimeter Security Protection

One of the most common mistakes companies make when addressing physical security is to focus exclusively on the main entrance. In reality, there are four levels of perimeter security that must be considered: the outer perimeter, access points, the building or structure itself, and special areas such as cabinets or reserved rooms.

The Oosto system integrates a multi-level operational security model depending on the structure, identifying people under control who are trying to access a space or who have breached access to the structure. Thanks to Vision AI, Oosto offers one of the lowest false alarm rates in the industry, allowing significant productivity gains for security operations, usually exceeding 75%.

We achieve this:

  • By integrating the system with the existing infrastructure: We use and/or require, when necessary, to extend the installation of new perimeter security cameras to the company, to constantly monitor the external area and detect suspicious activity.
  • By providing real-time notifications: We provide real-time notifications on detected points of interest (POI), allowing an immediate response to potential threats.
  • By leveraging EDGE technology: We harness the capabilities of edge computing technology to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by implementing local processing capabilities, reducing dependence on external resources.


Tailgating (or piggybacking) represents one of the most common breaches of physical security and can cause significant financial damage, compromise company reputation, and even put people’s safety at risk. It’s no surprise that tailgating is one of the main security issues faced by Fortune 1000 companies.

To effectively counteract tailgating, a highly effective solution is to implement access control systems integrated with facial recognition, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter buildings or protected areas within them.

We achieve this with:

  • biometric recognition: we use a biometric data-based access control system that utilizes facial recognition to verify people’s identities and allow access only to those who are authorized.
  • Artificial Intelligence: we harness the power of Artificial Vision technology (AI) to detect and prevent tailgating, promptly identifying attempts at unauthorized access.
  • Segmentation of areas to be protected: We implement intelligent zone control, which allows managing access to different areas based on the specific permissions assigned to each individual.

Liveness Detection to ensure that identification is based on real vital signals, thereby preventing the use of forgeries or fraud.

Recognition and management of security threats, along with optimizing the customer experience, are fundamental objectives for operational and security teams. Their effectiveness depends on the ability to identify people of interest accurately and quickly. However, the human eye alone has its limitations and many automated software for recognizing people of interest (POI) do not guarantee performance in real conditions, especially when facing a large concentration of people in limited spaces.

Real-time facial recognition in non-collaborative mode

OOSTO offers an automated watchlist alert system that identifies people of interest in real-time and traces their contact history, while simultaneously protecting the identity of surrounding individuals. OOSTO’s neural networks have been trained to handle the most difficult conditions, working on low-quality images and have been successfully tested by high-level users and academic standards. This ensures maximum accuracy even when the person of interest is not directly looking at the camera and is in the middle of a crowd or is captured in non-ideal conditions such as in poor lighting.

We achieve this with:

  • advanced facial recognition technologies, capable of tracking up to 45 face points, to allow certain recognition of the person of interest from real-time video footage.
  • The activation of automatic alerts based on the presence of people of interest within the monitored areas.
  • The implementation of advanced privacy controls to protect sensitive data and comply with privacy regulations.

All of this takes place using the existing camera infrastructure, optimizing investments already made and ensuring a smooth transition to our system for monitoring people of interest.

Video Forensic Analysis

The system supports investigators during the investigation through the analysis of video footage, based on a set watchlist, in search of people of interest. OOSTO assists in organizing investigations, through the creation of specific projects, whose access is managed through authorization processes, established by the project administrator. This is important to ensure security control and confidentiality during the ongoing investigation.

Through the forensic analysis system, it is possible to identify the suspect, track their movements within the monitored areas and establish the contact network.

How we facilitate investigations:

  • We allow smooth and systematic management of open security cases, enabling you to organize and monitor each case independently.
  • We offer the possibility to explore and analyze hours of offline video footage in a few minutes, speeding up the process of searching and identifying people of interest.
  • We use facial and body recognition, it is possible to accurately identify people involved in situations of interest and gather detailed information about their movements within your facilities.
  • With the tracking feature, you can clearly and deeply view the routes taken by subjects and their interactions with other people, providing a complete overview of events.
  • With the ingestion of historical files and the ability to search past footage, you can trace back to significant events and retrospectively analyze data to gain a complete view of situations; the system recognizes the aging of a person thirty years apart.
  • The association of attributes allows creating links between related information and identifying suspicious behaviors or recurring patterns, providing a deeper perspective during the investigation procedure.

Tactical surveillance represents an effective strategy to reduce potential threats and ensure public safety. Thanks to the recognition of people of interest and real-time alerts, sent directly to officers’ mobile devices (such as cell phones or bodycams), law enforcement can improve the protection of their agents through greater situational awareness and access to intelligence information.

Distinctive features of tactical surveillance include the following:

  • There is no need for a Wi-Fi connection for its operation, ensuring the continuity of operations even in areas without network coverage. This allows officers to access information and alerts related to people of interest wherever they are.
  • Real-time alerts about people of interest. The system sends officers an immediate notification of relevant situations, enabling them to respond promptly and appropriately.
  • The tactical surveillance solution is designed to work in poorly lit and crowded environments, ensuring clear visibility and reliable information gathering even under difficult conditions.
  • Both cell phones and bodycams can be used as mobile devices to access the features of tactical surveillance, offering officers greater flexibility and convenience in using familiar tools.

The use of a local server is not required for the operation of the tactical surveillance system, simplifying implementation, and reducing the complexity of the necessary infrastructure.